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Community Involvement

The Furniture Warehouse has a strong commitment to the communities in which we serve and is proud to partner in events with such worthwhile local organizations such as:

Our Habitat for Humanity event happens three times a year in February, October and December. Customers donate a piece of furniture that is “gently used” and receive a discount on the purchase of new furniture at The Furniture Warehouse and receive a “tax donation slip” for their generosity. We organize these events during season when there is a greater need for our less fortunate community residents.

Our Food Bank event happens three times a year in January, March and November. With a donation of imperishable foods, our customers receive a discount on a purchase of new furniture at The Furniture Warehouse. It allows the local food banks to “stock their shelves” that fulfil the needs of the community at the highest demand times of the year.

Events for the University of South Florida offer our customers an opportunity to know that a portion of their purchases go towards scholarships for students that seek an education in our local college.

The best feature of these events for our customers is the satisfaction they receive of knowing they have helped a resident in need within their own community.